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211About Us

About Us

We produce individual holidays all over the world

We built the route so that in a week we can show the most interesting places in the region. We’ve included only the best in our program — accommodation, transportation, food, people and attractions. We work with groups of up to 10 people and personally accompany them.

Reasonable comfort

Our guests spend the nights in hotels where there is hot water, shower and clean sheets. Even if we put up tents, they will have cozy sleeping bags, soft mats, light and a warm toilet outside.

We use new, foreign produced equipment: ATVs, airboats, yachts, boats and helicopters. For snow and mud we have specially prepared Toyota SUVs, on which the leaders of Top Gear show conquered the North Pole. For speed lovers, we can arrange a test drive of a Porsche 911 GT3 and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera 530. In places where all this is useless, we use KAMAZ.

We also control your surroundings making sure there is a pleasant smell and nice music playing. We take into consideration whether your child is allergic to flowers or your wife doesn't eat fish.

Vladimir Nikolaev, General producer of the 211 Company

“VIP”, “Luxury”, “Premium” — these are not suitable characteristics for our adventures. I like measurable indicators, such as: quick response to a request, tasty food, safe transport, clean rooms, friendly staff.

Vladimir Nikolaev, General producer of the 211 Company 

Memories for a whole life

For each journey, we put together a menu of local dishes and adapt it to the preferences of the client. We organize cooking classes on how to smoke omul, cook lamb or make home-made alcohol. We invite famous chefs, for example, Rinat Agzamov bakes wonderful cake and Alain Ducasse is an expert at cooking meat. We organize tastings of homemade liqueurs and vintage wines.

We teach our guests new things: ride a mountain snowmobile or dog sled, scuba dive or bathe properly in a banya. We work with concert-tour agencies and can arrange a performance of Jay-Z or the group Coldplay in the taiga.

Security and privacy

Our guests do not come across crowds of tourists and they are in the wild without sacrificing their usual comfort. In case of bad weather, poor health or bad mood, we quickly offer alternative options for the program.

We inspect the entire route before the start, instruct the team, check the cleanliness of the rooms, the quality of products and the technical condition of transportation vehicles.

The team does not use any device with a camera and names are not disclosed to third parties without the guest’s consent. We have our own security service, which will accompany our guests during the trip if necessary.

How we work

We have programs in five regions of Russia — Kamchatka, Baikal, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Altai and Sochi. In addition, you can diversify them by adding services from the section “features”. If for some reason it is necessary to reduce the number of days, change equipment, entertainment or hotel — there is no problem.

If you want us to develop a proposal for a region or country which is not in our list, we are more than ready to do so. The preparation process consists of ten stages:

  • Telephone conversation 40–60 minutes
  • Development and coordination of the route
  • Selection of equipment and hotels
  • Preparation of daily schedule
  • Calculation of the preliminary estimate
  • Preparation of descriptions of attractions, equipment, hotels and everything that requires a description
  • Development of the menu
  • Calculation and approval of the final estimate
  • Making the presentation of the program
  • Signing of the documents and recommendations on equipment
Yana Nikolaeva, producer of the company 211

We mostly work with templates. The template, for us, is a developed standard. When a master makes a Swiss watch, he does not do something new every time. Details of the ideal mechanism are verified for decades.

Yana Nikolaeva, producer of the 211 Company

Example of program design

For business

We can be useful consultants concerning the launch of a hotel, travel company or adventure event. We develop tour projects, come up with the concepts and consider the profitability. We select a team: content-managers, designers, travel organizers, and specialists in marketing.

For travel companies and event-agencies

We conduct consultations by phone, and then prepare presentations with the route descriptions, accommodation, transport, estimate, menu and timing. We provide information in a convenient way: e-mail or WhatsApp. We can meet and discuss everything personally.

We pay attention to corporate policy and do not offer too much. Expenses are confirmed by official documents. Before the start, we will take a representative of your company along the entire route, introduce the staff, show you the places of accommodation and transport. We’ve developed programs for Aeroclub, MaxiMice, ATH, Russia Discovery.

For the film crew

We will help you quickly navigate the area, transport equipment and select the locations. We will take care of accommodation, food and staff transfers. We will rent any missing equipment. We will build pavilions and provide a casting room.

For journalists and bloggers

We give comments about the tourism business, problems and prospects of the industry, share experiences in organizing travel. We give real-life examples in the texts, accompany with figures and high-quality photos. We helped in the preparation of materials for Men's Health magazine and Kommersant newspaper. We keep the columns on VC.ru, the Secret of the Film and Lifehacker.

As an organizer and partner, we are not suitable for everyone, and not everyone can approach us

We do not resell other people's tours and do not resell our own tours. We are quided by our own criteria for assessing the concepts: good accommodation, delicious food, reliable transportation, responsible staff and safety. We will not risk anyone’s health, comfort and reputation for the sake of money or the desire to assert ourselves.

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