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Adventures reports

We talk about the organization of travel and projects without embellishment. We share our impressions about the region, cuisine, hotels and contractors. Texts are accompanied by personal photos and videos. All materials are published only with the consent of the customer.

Summer is a small life
During the festive evening in honor of the birthday, we should have a concert of a famous artist on the shore of Lake Baikal. In the report, we conducted a step-by-step review of the event, starting with the signing a contract with the artist, ending with an analysis of the mistakes and the options for solving them in the future.
Lake Baikal
Spring Baikal for two
Our task was to organize an individual trip for two, to show the most interesting places of the spring Baikal with sum limit of 5,000 dollars. Before calculating and approving the program, we called to all the hotels and transport to make sure that they were available for the right dates. There were no rooms in the hotel, snowmobiles were occupied, the biosphere reserve did not work — holidays on March 8.
Lake Baikal
The course to the North
We planned to cross Lake Baikal by SUVs on ice and make the show of this. We started to prepare for half a year — re-equipped cars, picked up the equipment and the team. During the week of travel, we covered about 1,000 km, saw the nature of Baikal, tested the SUVs and shot a film about it.
Lake Baikal
33 shamanic curses
Even before the start of the tour, problems began to arise: the engine had been torn off by the airboat, the chef had disappeared, and the car had been crashed. After the start of the event, the situation did not improve. The guests' suitcase had been opened, their glasses had been stolen, the guide's eyebrow was cut — definitely something was wrong. Despite the difficulties, in 8 days we traveled half of Lake Baikal and visited the Circum-Baikal Railway, Mamai Mountain, Sobolinie Lakes and the Islands of the Maloye More.
Lake Baikal
Conference in the taiga
For 4 days it was required to hold three presentations of new computer equipment and combine them with an entertainment program in nature. In two weeks, we went through six versions of the programs. The final included: a water walk, a banya with the best banya attendant of Russia, spa treatments, a trip to Sobolinie Lakes, fishing, a masterclass in cooking pilaf on a Finnish candle and dinner on the bank of the Angara.
Lake Baikal
Gastrotour on Baikal
For 12 days the guests changed 9 locations and tried Siberian-Baikal cuisine. A total of 112 dishes and snacks, accompanied by 32 drinks. We cooked in the taiga, arranged a culinary masterclass, got food by SUVs, on water, and by helicopter. Because of the lightning that hit the transformer, we were left without a refrigerator and electric stoves. In the intervals between changes of dishes, we went up to the mountains, floated on a mountain river, rode jet skis and steamed in the bath.
Lake Baikal
Swiss President at Lake Baikal
Our old friend called us and said that he was taking the president of the most famous in the world watch brand to Baikal. We had to plan the event in places where there is no tourist infrastructure. For four days the guests rested leisurely — they drank red wine, crossed Baikal by yacht, breathed the mountain air and tasted dishes of Siberian cuisine.
Lake Baikal