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Give Us Transport, We Will Give You Money!

We regularly update the database of equipment, write 5–10 new contacts a week. You can find there the old man Jim, who can take you fishing by an old motorboat, or it is possible to take for the weekend a yacht Custom Line which cost 7,500,000 €. SUVs, airboats, helicopters, snowmobiles, boats, rail cars — we are interested in everything. If you have any means of transportation, work with us.

The principle is as follows. We receive requests from tourists, event agencies and travel companies to organize travel. Planning a route, the manager takes from the base prepared SUVs for a trip to the Mamai Mountain, a helicopter for a trip to Olkhon Island, and an airboat for getting to Sobolinye Lakes, for example. We connect travelers with the owners of transport. We are interested in countries in the world, especially the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and the whole Europe.

Filling the database, getting your data from the mail and messengers is time consuming. To streamline the process of forming the base and bring the data to a common form, we came up with two ways. The first one is the most convenient for us and for you — Google Forms. The second is to download and fill in an Excel document according to the template and upload it to Google Drive.

If you have a Google account, fill out the Google Form and that's it!

In order to send us your data, please select the form below that corresponds to the type of your transport. Answer the questions by filling in the form fields. Somewhere you just need to tick. It takes a maximum of 2–3 minutes, we checked it.

1. SUV, a car, minibus, ATV, motorcycle https://goo.gl/forms/EL69ZQWg514p0sdm2

2. Airboat, jet ski, snowmobile, hovercraft, motor boat https://goo.gl/forms/IWPwFtdj4RAdc5jp1

3. Cruise liner, ship, speed boat, yacht https://goo.gl/forms/NEpRZjfExrqCmun82

4. Helicopter, plane https://goo.gl/forms/OSPeLLn0h0fofxt23

5. Buses and other equipment https://goo.gl/forms/SmoEEYoB6jpohDe72

Google Form — form, which is quick and easy to fill

If you do not have a Google account, there are two options. The first is to create it. Here's the link to start https://www.google.com/gmail/about/. The second is to download an Excel file with questions, answer them, download the document and photo of transport to your Google Drive and send us a link.

If you are not authorized, the system will show you this message.

No google account? Download and fill out the Excel document.

This option is not as fast as the first one and takes 7–10 minutes. Follow the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17QC1EnZs1K-jYdjZ7Lcx1VprfaCX6Mh6?usp=sharing, which leads to an archive in which there are five folders.

Choose the folder that corresponds to the type of your transport

Click on the file and click “download”

Write the answers to the questions inside the file

Download a document with the answers and a folder of transport photos on Google Drive. Send a link to the archive by e-mail: info@211company.ru with the subject “Transport 211”. You can also send the link to the messenger on the number +7 983 444 20 63 (Viber, What’s App, Telegram).

If none of the ways is suitable for you, and for some reason you can not, contact us — we will solve everything. Contacts are listed above. Good luck!