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33 shamanic curses
Even before the start of the tour, problems began to arise: the engine had been torn off by the airboat, the chef had disappeared, and the car had been crashed. After the start of the event, the situation did not improve. The guests' suitcase had been opened, their glasses had been stolen, the guide's eyebrow was cut — definitely something was wrong. Despite the difficulties, in 8 days we traveled half of Lake Baikal and visited the Circum-Baikal Railway, Mamai Mountain, Sobolinie Lakes and the Islands of the Maloye More.
Lake Baikal
Gastrotour on Baikal
For 12 days the guests changed 9 locations and tried Siberian-Baikal cuisine. A total of 112 dishes and snacks, accompanied by 32 drinks. We cooked in the taiga, arranged a culinary masterclass, got food by SUVs, on water, and by helicopter. Because of the lightning that hit the transformer, we were left without a refrigerator and electric stoves. In the intervals between changes of dishes, we went up to the mountains, floated on a mountain river, rode jet skis and steamed in the bath.
Lake Baikal